Best review BTS x Army Bomb light stick

BTS Army Bomb light stick is one of the indispensable items for Army when attending BTS’s concerts. Always “out of stock” on iBighit is a clear proof for this Army Bomb’s hotness.

The attraction of BTS Army Bomb

About the appearance, we can easily see the very slim, convenient and light design, helping the Army to unleash “struggling” when seeing their idols on stage. Army Bomb’s body is all black, exuding a mysterious and equally dangerous feature.

Army Bomb has 5 glowing features for you to choose from:

  • Keep: Keep the light on evenly and continuously
  • Slow: The flash flashes slowly
  • Quick: Flashes at a fast speed
  • Flash: The light blinks continuously
  • Dimming: The flash flashes slowly and darkens

In addition, Army Bomb has an extremely special feature that few Light Stick products have, which is the Bluetooth connection feature. You can easily connect your phone to BTS Army Bomb to choose your desired color.

What Accessories Comes With Army Bomb?

When “breaking the box” of the product, I found it contained the following items:

  • Box, with logo and te 7 colors BTS
  • Bomb (glow stick)
  • Strap
  • Dust bag
  • Card Reward Points with QR Code
  • 7 photo cards of the BTS member
  • Strap

How to Distinguish Genuine and Fanmade Products?

BTS Army Bomb Fanmade are unofficial versions that were produced to serve Armies who do not have financial conditions and cannot buy the office version because they are out of stock. Army Bomb fanmade has the following characteristics:

  • There are complete boxes and accessories, including dust and card bags
  • The logo on the bag, bomb, and box is printed 99% like
  • There are 7 color stamps of BTS logo
  • There are 5 brightness modes, but only 2 colors: white and blue.

These Army Bomb Fake, although very beautiful, and 99% genuine, but we can still easily distinguish through bluetooth connection. Since the Fake version has no bluetooth feature, we can distinguish it by trying to connect to the phone. If there is bluetooth, we can be assured that we are using a genuine product.

Where to buy BTS Army Bomb, How much does it cost?

You can find this product on bts merch websites or you can visit the here to be able to own genuine products from BTS

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