Top 5 BTS ‘s Website For Army

BTS is a Kpop band of Korean music that is admired by young Vietnamese people in particular and around the world.

BTS (Bangtan Boys) is one of the hottest new groups since 2013. Perhaps that’s why fans screamed wildly when the two members of the group, Jimin and Rap Monster accidentally ripped off the T-shirt. on the inside, they should have just stripped off while performing on stage. At that time, the two members tried to cover the body in a funny and cute way. After this performance, the group performed another exciting song in front of the audience. However, the incident of Jimin and Rap Monster was one of the memorable accidents of Korean stars in 2013.

Are you a fan of BTS? Do you know a reputable BTS store, BTS shop? Let’s find out with us:

  1. BTS Out Fit (
BTS Out Fit is a website created by members who are an Army of BTS. With the sharpness, capturing the psychology and tastes of the fans, BTS Out Fit always pays attention to offering products with diverse designs, tastes, and high quality to satisfy every army when visiting the website. In addition to the delicate products, the website is also a place to update news and express the feelings of the army about their idols through good and thoughtful blogs. This will definitely be the trusted shopping place for BTS fans.
       2. BTS 21 Store (
BTS 21 Store is a website specializing in providing all kinds of BTS gifts and gifts. Some of the best selling products at MPP shop are hats, caps, pants, shirts, coats, keychains, water bottles, posters, etc. Goods are constantly updated and in addition, they also sell related products related to the current popular groups such as black pink, Twice, Red Velvet …
        3. BTS Merch Shop
BTS Merch is an exclusive hand-picked collection for bts merchandise. Shop a wide range of BTS jacket , BTS caps, BTS hoodie, BTS bags, BTS clothings, and accessories inspired by Bangtans boys for all Kpop fans.
       4. Kpop Shop
Kpop Shop was founded to make K-Pop merch accessible. They are partners who work with Asian manufacturers to provide amazing merchants to wherever the army is – with free shipping. The customer support speaks all languages, and in the rare case something gets lost, They provide BTS’s fans with a refund or a new item, money back Guaranteed. Shopping for K-Pop items – made easy with Kpop Shop
        5. BTS Merchandise Shop
BTS Merchandise Shop started at the beginning of 2018 and has it headquarter in The Netherlands, they use distributors and warehouses all over the world so that they can deliver worldwide and on-time to your house. They love doing what they do and their passion for collecting BTS items inspires them to give customers the best online BTS shopping experience.

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