Top 5 winter BTS Sweater SUGA 2020

Winter is coming, have you guys prepared your winter clothes yet? If not, check out BTS go go! With high quality super soft cotton fabric and comfortable to wear, a BTS sweater is an item that Suga often chooses to use on cold winter days. This is a perfect choice for any occasion from dance practice, show rehearsal, or hanging out with friends.

Here is top 5 Winter BTS sweater mix outfit suggestion that Suga has coordinated

1.”Loved Sweater” – BTS Sweater SUGA DNA 

This is the exact sweater that Suga wore in MV DNA.  It’s a pity for Army if it doesn’t have these great items in your wardrobe. This shirt is made of cotton, hugging form. With the main red tone added to that is the pattern of “Loved” strips interwoven, coordinated with a pair of dusty Jeans.

This is the first choice that I want to share with ARMY.

2.” Himalayas” – BTS Sweater SUGA Himalayas

The main tone is red so it’s very suitable for the upcoming Christmas vibe. The simple “Himalayas” is designed in the middle, inside Suga has an extra high-collared shirt with black and red tones. The feature of the Sweater is the round collar that, when worn separately, creates a blank feel in the neck area. The addition of a high neck top was a smart choice that concealed the flaws of a Sweater.

Has any ARMY tried this outfit like Suga? Share in the comments below.

3. “GCDS” – BTS Sweater SUGA GCDS

This is the Sweater that most clearly shows the cuteness of Suga. Possessing pink-white skin in addition to outstanding white hair, the GCDS model with a blue tone maximizes its power when used by Suga. This is the right choice for those with fair skin.

4.”Love yourself” – BTS Sweater SUGA Love yourself

At the concert “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” held in Seoul, Army was surprised by Suga’s extremely sexy performance outfit. He wore a sweater with two main colors of yellow and red, the special thing about this sweater was that it could see through. If you like daring, why not give it a try?

5. “Calvin Klein 205w39NYC Space-dyed V-neck sweater” – BTS SUGA

This is the sweater from the brand Calvin Klein, with a V-neck design, Suga looks fantastic wearing this Sweater. 

Overall, BTS and Suga are not only musical products that hold the top positions on the world chart, their fashion style has impacted the young generation with an admiration for spacious and comfortable clothing. A unique combination of brands such as Calvin Klein, Gucci, Balenciaga, and Cartier, the fashion world has gone to the next level. I hope this article brings to you a few ideas of wearing a sweater and understanding some part of Suga style. Please support, follow page for more latest news about BTS. Also, you can find slick, cool BTS outfits here at our merchant store. Thanks and see you in the next article.


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